3-1 Do you use filters on the camera when taking the pictures, or are the red-blue coloring created in the computer?
Utilisez vous des filtres sur l'appreil quand vous prenez des photos ou créez vous les couleurs rouge-bleu sur ordinateur?

I create anaglyph in the computer from two slides.

A color video monitor makes color with three pigments: Red, Green, and Blue. In the digitized image there are three layers of data, one for each color. Some computer programs (like Photoshop, or may be Paintshop) let you separate and re-associate these layers.
So the technique is simple. Separate the channels for the left and right images. Associate the red channel from the left image and the green and blue channel from the right image, and the anaglyph is done.

How to separate the channels in Photoshop (not in the limited edition)?
Go in the menu "window", choose "show channels". In the pop-up sub menu when you click on the left arrow of the small window "channels", you have the commands.

Pierre Gidon le 28/7/98

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